Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My little sister Michelle and I outside the house

High School

I decided to cut bangs.....
A Dance (first yr married)

Road Show

Here are are some fun pictures. Some older than others. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom and Grandma. We love you!


Moore Family said...

Those first ones are the Cherie I remember.... Happy Birthday!

Da Bergs said...

Who on earth are those pictures of at the top... you know... that YOUNG chick??? LOL!!!

Happy Birthday my dear friend! I love you!

Julie Avery said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Your such a cutie---love the pictures!

Jennelle said...

Happy Birthday Cherie! Hope you had a good one!

The B's said...

Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday Cherie! Hope it was a great one!!!