Thursday, July 3, 2008


Waikiki Beach
Just a pretty beach, I had to take a picture
I told Elder Oaks that my son met him while on his mission in the Philippines. Elder Oaks said to me "well I need to hug his Mom"

We went to church right next door to the beautiful Temple.

Our nephew was graduating from BYU Hawaii, eventually we (Russ 3 sisters, brother and spouses) all ended up going, even Russ's mom. We had a great time. And it was great to see Brady graduate.

Sunrise from the house we stayed at. We had a great time. We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, visited the Dole Plantation, Waimae Bay, Waikiki Beach, ate at Dukes and "Cheese Burger in Paradise", spent money in the ABC stores (s), visited the Arizona Memorial, Teds Bakery (best eclairs EVER), of course went the the swap meet at the stadium in Honolulu.

Russ's family... Russ, Barb, Sue, Jani, Doug and Gramma Lou